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Making filament, the industrial way

Please watch the video below! A medium sized company will explain the efforts and machines needed to make commercial filament.

From what we see, the machine may cost around 20 000 Euro upwards and requires a quite a long time to tune in all parameters.

Ready to use machines

In even larger environments, there are machines called the ‘filament miles’, exceeding easily 5 meters. Such machine can cost around 35000 Euro.

Filament making for DIYers

There is success creating filament from printer waste. Please check some of the links below :

We recommend to watch also all the other videos of Werbewunder

Filament making and Precious Plastic

There is currently no evidence yet that the Precious Plastic Extruder can make filament yet. However, there are efforts in the community, please check forum links :

Not filament but this here prints recycled pellets.

Or use forum search ‘filament‘.

Other remarks :

  • The wood auger drill more likely unfitted as reported multiple times in the forum.
  • Please check Dave Hakken’s filament maker mile
  • Extruding PET requires a twin screw
  • Very precise forming and temperature (fans) regulators needed
  • Bazar link to LDPE filament
  • Official statement from Precious Plastic Eindhoven is outstanding
  • Our partners 3dseed say that you better grind plastic down to dust and then print it right away. The only real suitable plastic type is PET which requires you to have a good shredder (with grinder) in place
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