Shredder v3

Status : discontinued / abandoned

Efficiency : 2 out of 5 stars

Design : 2.5 out of 5 stars

Safety : 2.5 out of 5 stars

Price / Value – Bazar : 3 out of 5 stars

Power consumption : 2-4 Kw

Mass : 50 – 120 Kg

Capacity : 5 – 10 Kg / hour

Build – time for beginners : 7-10 days

Build – time for experts : 1-4 days

Required machines : drill press, stick welder, power tools

Recommended machines : lathe (hex bar, drive shaft, couplings), CNC (couplings), MIG welder (stainless), bench grinder, angle grinder

Material bill : 700 – 1500 Euro

Bazar price : ~1000 – 2000 Euro

Issues :

  • 27 mm hexbar not available in many countries
  • 27 mm hexbar to weak for 350 Nm and more
  • 20 mm drive shaft to weak, may break as reported multiple times
  • UFCL 204 bearings not fitted for the amount of forces being applied in the long run
  • blades wear out
  • plastic jumping around
  • jams easily with thicker plastic
  • machine builders don’t seem to add proper cutting angles on the blade, causing even more inefficient cutting, jamming and wear out
  • documentation incomplete, eg: material bill: important components like couplings, driveshaft, VFD, etc… missing
  • missing CE certification

Build issues

  • tedious, long and error prone assembly
  • sheet thickness variation may sum up that you can’t tie it up without removing another blade
  • lot’s of grinding needed to make hex-bar and washers fit
  • improper driveshaft alignment may break driveshaft
  • welding stainless with improper welder leaves lots of spatter, hard to remove
  • frame needs to be more rigid than shown
  • blade tips to sharp, without grinding the tips wear out in no time

Variants / Community versions & hacks

this section is in progress.

Components / Sources

this section is in progress. we add here a list of providers for components, …

Buyer guide – Bazaar


  • The shredder should have a 3 phase motor which is by nature more efficient and runs smoother. You can run a 3 phase motor on a single phase 110/220 Volt outlet by use a ‘VFD’
  • A shredder should have  a VFD to control speed, a VFD also provides many safety and fault protection as well over torque protection
  • Please ask for details on the  motor power, the recommended power is 2.2 KW for standard house-hold waste, and 4 KW for stronger plastic like plastic or shampoo bottles


Small shredders

Big shredders


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