Shredder from plastic

Status : idea

Tools / Materials

  • must be mostly available in John Doe’s shops 
  • 3D printer or the precious plastic machines, a DIY press or/and injection
  • hard as possible : PET, HDPE, ?


  • driveshaft : hexbar from metal or via extrusion
  • side plates : oven and press (clamps, vise), the shape is done by arranging metal bars the way and size needed
  • blades: as side plates, injection or press via epoxy, plaster or aluminum folie in wood
  • drive : motor and/or hand wheel
  • optional : transmission : gears and/or wheel
  • optional : metal knifes mount on blades
  • optional : metal enforcement for side plates, blades and counter blades 


  • shredding soft materials as often found in house holds
  • well, what about a useful machine done from recycled plastic ? what about the old reprap idea, making machines from machines ?  

Problems / Challenges

  • hand wheel needs to big, up to 50 cm diameter : kid bicycle wheel. alternatively if gears can be printed, the wheel can be smaller
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