Ongoing projects

Grinder Addon (November)

Injection Addon for v3/v4 extruders (November)

Little recycle station, aka Zoe (November)

Precious Plastic Wiki/Library

PP Search (Custom search engine for PP’ers)

Finished Projects

Auto-Reverse & safety controller 

More compact injection

More compact extrusion


We thought this might be interesting. We placed 2d Ads, one Facebook and one on Instagram (managed through Facebook as well). We left it running for 2 days – over the weekend. In total 16 Euro spent. We advertised the page and the auto-reverse controller.

Ad – 1 : Facebook – Europe, 3000K people reached, 50 clicks, 20 new page likes

Ad – 2 : Instagram, 30 new Followers

And if you like stats, here some more (one person) about the daily work:

30% – (of 8 hours) spent on machine development, consumes about 1000 Euro each month but makes fun – waste rate is about 30%. However, I see this absolutely needed if you wanna stay ahead and pave your way to a more public market – unpaid. 

40% – (of 8 hours) spent on machine production

30% – (of 8 hours) spent on networking, customer & community support  – unpaid

Another 2-3 hours in top everyday for learning new stuff – unpaid.

Machine shop stats

30% of labor comes from the lathe (we’re going for CNC lathe)

20% of labor comes from the welder (eventually we hook this up on the Plasma router one day)

10% of labor comes from the CNC (shitty but strong router, replaced by Deckel FP4A sometime)
20% of labor comes from the electronics wiring
20% of labor for drilling & grinding and cutting (plasma on the way)

All this won’t work if you don’t have a good partner doing the shopping, administration, cleaning and cooking btw :-)

Total amount spent on machines and equipment : 32K

Total amount spent on development : 12K

Total running fees for 3 garage sized workshop, a month : 700 Euro (rent, electricity, insurance). 

Customer profiles  

25% professionals – knowing what they want, etc…

35% NGOs

20% private schools & educational organizations

the rest : unknown

Drop off rate : 30% , due to details like upfront payment, loss of interest : no filament, cycle times (injection). 

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