This is a guide focuses on 

  • the download kit (laser files, CAD models, CNC machining)
  • specific tools for electronics as the Arduino platform (work in progress)
  • online – presence for PP starters (work in progress)
  • links to Precious Plastic related projects like the plastic scanner (work in progress)


The precious plastic download kit

The download kit is available as Zip or on Github and contains laser files, CAD files and upgrades as well merchandise like logos.

The laser & CAD files

Normally, you only send the DXF files to your laser service but if you have to make changes, you will need CAD software and then re-export your changes to DXF files. This can be done with many 3D tools but we recommend to use ‘Fusion-360‘ since it’s free and easy to use.


  • please don’t use the DWG or PDF files
  • the IGES, SAT and SMT files are for Solidworks (standard industrial CAD software)
  • the STEP files are commonly used to exchange 3D geometries between various 3D / CAD tools
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