Shredder & Extrusion Combo v3.1 – Project ‘Zoe’


Status : tested

Efficiency : 3 out of 5 stars

Design : 3.5 out of 5 stars

Safety : 4 out of 5 stars

Price / Value – Bazar : 3 out of 5 stars

Power consumption : 3 Kw

Mass : 102 Kg

Capacity : 5 – 40 Kg / hour

Build – time for beginners : 7-10 days

Build – time for experts : 1-4 days

Required machines : drill press, stick welder, power tools

Recommended machines : lathe (hex bar, drive shaft, couplings), CNC (couplings), MIG welder (stainless), bench grinder, angle grinder

Material bill : 700 – 1500 Euro

Bazar price : ~1000 – 2000 Euro





  • Safe hopper – with optional door. When opening the hopper, the machine will stop automatically.
  • Very precise auto-reverse when jamming. It stops after 3 trials and gives visual and audio feedback.
  • Status lights : Ok & Error
  • Emergency and reset button
  • Various motor protections (thermal & magnetic).
  • Jam detection for extrusion mode.
  • Rigid, flexible and modular framework – enabling hacking and extension. The base plate is 15 mm thick.
  • Compatible to upcoming addons : automatic injector and fine grinder to print PET directly.
  • The legs have M10 threads on each end so you can connect levelers or wheels. The legs have also extra holes to install easily extra sheets all around.
  • Extrusion hopper can be easily detached.
  • Thermocouples (sensors) have clips, easy to detach.
  • Complies also with basic regulations in schools.
  • Stops automatically after one hour of inactivity.
  • Stops automatically when motor heat exceeds tolerances.
  • Stops automatically when extrusion barrel is not heated up.
  • High quality cables and wiring according to industrial standards.
  • High precision mounts for shredder & extrusion, making sure everything is aligned perfectly.
  • Won’t start when power is back.
  • Control box has enough space for future upgrades as the advanced extrusion and/or injection control.
  • 6 quick speed dial. 

Specifications / Package content

  • Industrial screw – 26 mm diameter
  • Single phase – 220V
  • Motor  2.2Kw – 3Phase ( new & with warranty)
  • Reducer 1:30 ( new & with warranty)
  • 5 Heatbands
  • Aurduino based controller for safety and system control
  • VFD/Inverter (to run 3phase motor and speed regulation)
  • Assembly time with basic hand tools, around 30 minutes
  • Protection shields are in stainless


  • blades wear out
  • plastic jumping around, needs ‘plunger’
  • for shredding PET bottles, please consider to use at least 2.2+ Kw, 1500, RPM at 1:40 – 1:50 

Please checkout out our assembly guide and there is also a dedicated page for fixes

Build issues

  • tedious, long and error prone assembly
  • lots of grinding needed to make hex-bar and washers fit
  • improper driveshaft alignment may break driveshaft
  • welding stainless with improper welder leaves lots of spatter, hard to remove
  • frame needs to be more rigid than shown
  • blade tips come often too sharp and without grinding the tips wear out in no time

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