Modular and mobile friendly framework design

After 12 months building Precious Plastic machines the design below proved the more robust, easy, forgiving, appealing and safe to build a shredder, extrusion or both in one.  You can also easily extend your system for another extrusion or shredder. The thick base plate acts as platform and if you change your mind over time you simply drill new holes for another extrusion or shredder. 

Build Time : 4 – 8 hours

Required machines : drill, angle grinder, stick welder

Recommended machines : drill press, angle grinder, metal saw, MIG welder, bench belt sander

Material bill : 0 – 50 Euro

Compatible machines : Shredder, Extrusion, Shredder & Extrusion Combo

Dimensions : 50 x 18 x 20 cm

Weight : 18 Kg

Other features 

  • easy to transport, easy to de-montage as well easy to recycle and refit for another purpose
  • appealing, flexible and modular design. you can use this design to extend the setup and share the motor to another actuator like a shredder
  • it meets basic regulations & standards for schools and laboratories
  • provides enough space and ventilation for electronics
  • safety: can fall from 1 meter height on the floor 


  • CAD Model (TODO)
  • Search bazar (TODO)

How – To / Procedure

Base plate

  • should be at least 18 – 20 cm – 50 cm and at least 16 mm thick


  • should be at least 4 – 6 cm and 3 mm thickness
  • the plate on the bottom is optional but it provides a M10 thread which can be used for wheels, mount screws or leveling


See portable extrusion for alternative design

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