This system enables to have an integrated nozzle. This way you can minimize lost of heat on the way to the mold.

Build Time : 2-3 hours

Required machines : Lathe, MIG or TIG Welder

Material bill : 30 Euro


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How – To

Stock :

  • M20 metric ACME rod
  • M20 metric nut

Procedure : 

  1. drill a M11 hole into the ACME rod, clean up with a M12  riemer
  2. weld the nut on the ACME rod (have the nut standing out by 2-3 mm), set the weld settings to strong penetration, ie : 12mm thickness. 
  3. turn the nut on the ID of the barrel (heat press fit)
  4. cut on an inner chamfer
  5. harden it


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