General FAQ

Can we make filament with the extruder ?

  • maybe, it depends on the plastic type, PLA & ABS might be possible but others rather not. Please checkout our filament guide!

Can I make profit with this machines? 

  • Please see forum entries here, here and here (budget calculator v4)
  • Long story short: not really, you’re about to enter the plastic recycling business or at least do some material development. It requires a good set of skills and a vast amount of time and resources as well networking to get your product making pay the bills. Please consider selling small items in the Precious plastic Bazar as insufficient. 
  • There are only a handful people in the Precious Plastic community who figured a way to build a complete business. is one of them and they do use quite different machines and also build their success on their network of existing clients. Other than production, there seems to be profitable nice business : ‘education’ or mobile workshops. Please checkout Taller Esferica and SheepOnWheels.
  • Making money with machine building also requires an existing portfolio. There will be the normal 6 months of getting out of the red and please don’t not forget that you still have to pay insurances and also pay for your retirement.
  • Apart from production, please be ready to pay for a good web-presence, product design, branding. We consider this the invisible 80% of the entire process involved to get a business up and running. 
  • Please consider this a full-time activity ! 

To be continued (End of June): 

  • Profitable designs and ideas
  • Precious Plastic Web-Starter-Kit (complete solution to get you online) 
  • Machines for production
  • Precious Plastic Business / Service directory
  • Notes on crowd-funding your workspace
  • Step by step guide to build a workspace
  • Precious Plastic Success stories

To be continued (End of July): 

  • ‘machine builder’ guide